New Space for Women and Equality

The “New Women and Equality Space” is thought through the urban common’s perspective, it is
understood as a catalyst for promoting and strengthen local community role in the process of
developing the caring city.

It is located over archaeological remains related to a house from the old Moorish quartier at the
central neighbourhood of El Carmen. The building is conceived as an urban exchanger, accessible for everyone and generating a flexible space for meeting, debate, and exchange.
Flexibility is key in this building, and it has been implemented transversely, from spatial distribution to construction.

The building creates spaces from different nature, where heterogeneous activities aligned with learning and caring. It has been designed considering the whole life cycle of the building,
including its future reuse or demolition. Materials have been selected following some standards: renewable natural materials, recycled industrial materials, modularity/exchangeability, and reversible joints. A climatic comfort strategy is stablished among the building from its roof, through an atrium and a patio.

Collaboration with:
Estudio NADA, MonoDestudio, Laura Arrieta
Calle Bajada San Miguel, 2B (València)
990 m2