CONVIU al Parc Gran

Finalists. Contest for revitalization and aesthetic improvement of the Station Parc.

The proposal aims to revitalize and improve the landscape of the Station Parc of Silla, transforming it into a natural preservation area for the improvement of biodiversity in the urban habitat by introducing more vegetal species and stratums. It tries to create a common space for the communal living of Silla’s population.

Its main objective is creating a kind and welcoming arrival space to Silla, and connecting
different spaces among the town, such as Paseo de la Alameda, the municipal market or the Old Market Square. In addition, it seeks to create multifunctional and flexible spaces that can
host different activities and generate coexistence spaces related to nature and the parc’s social function as a space for meeting, caring, playing, and entertaining.

The elements used for the composition are topography, pavements, water, and greenery. These elements conform different areas with a huge range of uses, creating communal living space, cultural and learning spaces, and spaces for biodiversity and water management.

In collaboration with:
Laura Arrieta, Irene Sampietro
Parque de la Estación, Silla (València)