Capacity building program of an experiential character within the framework of the design and
elaboration of the Urban Agenda Castelló 2030

ViajAS is a fundamentally experiential character training in the form of a trip. Travelling is understood as a way of immersive and experiential learning. Therefore, the programme is organized through two study trips (an international itinerary and another with national character) in which technical staff and stakeholders from the City Council of Castelló de la Plana

The training programme that has been elaborated constitutes an opportunity to deepen into what the meaning of learning and training is, taking advantage of the situation to approach new
urban models from a holistic and innovative perspective. Hand in hand with the City Council of Castelló and the definition of the Urban Agenda Castelló 2030, a chance appears to change the urban model from the starting point: if we are the architecture we inhabit, to achieve a more resilient city, we have to face the challenge to explore new horizons, so we can mirror the
paradigmatic architecture and urbanism we visit in our city and projects.

During the capacity and training program, urban paradigms have been explored and gone through, which have helped to gather together an immense collection of models that bring the participants closer to building more resilient, humane and kind cities.

Blanca Pedrola, Laura Arrieta, Anne Marie Voss
In collaboration with:
Amparo Marco, Bruno Sauer
Carmen Vilanova
Ajuntament de Castelló de la Plana