Mas del Borràs

Interior design and adequacy project for meditation and yoga practice

Mas del Borràs is a complex composed by a country house from XV Century, 24 cottages, and other additional facilities, located in the Penyagolosa mountain range, a protected forest area due to its enormous natural heritage that is still intactly preserved.

The objective of the project is to transform of the country house and the cottages into an
accommodation for meditation and yoga stays, as well as the outdoor areas of the courtyard of
the country house and the swimming pool area.

From the beginning of the project, a rapid and imminent adequacy of the spaces was required,
therefore action measures were proposed with minimum technical requirements, which were
economical and fast to implement.

Simple construction solutions have been proposed, using materials such as ceramics, clay, and wood. The materials, as well as the furniture, have been selected considering ecological standards that are appropriate for people health and the environment.

The new planned use is meditation and yoga training and practice. The proposal is aligned with
those values, and it is accompanied by an aesthetic of neutral colours, natural materials, and
organic shaped furniture that combine with the idea of wellbeing, quietness, and silence.

In collaboration with:
Isabel Meyer, Laura Arrieta
Villafermosa del Riu, Castelló
1120 m2