Library 5.0

PIREP Technical assistance for the rufurbishment of the Municipal Library of Castellón de la Plana

The municipal library of Castellón is located in the old Casa Andreu, an historical building from the XIII Century. The refurbishment proposal is based on the understanding of the building as a public space extension. Its privileged location, in the Main Street, is key for its transformation into an inclusive space in which, in addition to its own uses, other cultural uses and public services are housed.

The ground floor is conceived as an urban hub, a space returned to the city that integrates public use elements such as bicycles scpace or smart post-boxes and generates a flexible space that allows an adequate development for heterogeneous activities inside. The upper floors also accommodate public uses. However, they are structured in a progressive gradient of privacy and silence. 

Bioclimatic strategies, together with the installation of high efficiency climatization equipment, make it possible to justify more than 70% of the savings in non-renewable primary energy, becoming a building with almost zero conssumption.

In collaboration with:
Laura Arrieta, Jade Näsi, Barbara Bruschi
Castellón de la Plana
1080 m2