CEIP El Barranquet

Preliminary Project for Refurbishment and Expansion of El Barranquet School facilities in Godella

The current climate crisis together with social and economic crisis derived from COVID-19, has generated new needs to cover that include, among other objectives, the solid, inclusive and resilient economic reconstruction. This new project proposes a building formed by multiple volumes, that will be accessible and inclusive, and which construction and use will have a minimum environmental impact.

Located on the outskirts of Godella, the heterogeneity of the surrounding buildings, the lack of urban references and the neighbourhood peripheric location support the idea of an introverted project: outwards, it conforms a continuous wall-fence; inwards, it is volumetrically fragmented in different pavilions with a clear zoning as well as an independent access and use of the Infants and Pre-school Education and Primary Schooling areas.


It aims to achieve the maximum versatility of the spaces, in a way that they can be used for different activities, including those outside school hours. The building connects interior and exterior spaces of different types. In order to generate a kind space, improve wellbeing and productivity as well as purify indoor air, nature is included in every floor.

In collaboration with:
GmásP Engineering and Architecture, Laura Arrieta
1754.3 m2